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Testimonials Page

We have hundreds of Testimonials over the years. Due to the size limitation of this page, I will just include those for the last few months, and keep the page updated with the most recent comments only

I know that those clients who use the Rife Machine for the extended periods of time have experienced the quickest remissions from disease conditions.

It gives me great happiness to know that Dr Rife succeeded in his mission to bring this natural healing technology to people. The Rife machine has been healing us for 80 years, and will continue to be with us for the long term.

New technological advances have shrunk the components of the original Rife Machines, which used Valves (remember those old Black & White TV’s) and other outdated technologies. Rife Digital uses microchip technology to duplicate Dr Rife’s frequencies for healing many diseases.

If you need a personalized summary of how this Rife Machine can be used with your condition, please email me at [email protected]

Regards, Dr Pete Williams.


Message from [email protected]*****r.com
Subject: Treatment of Morgellons Disease with Rife Digital Professional 2015
Date: June 07 2015

After sending the earlier message, I had a long talk with Lizzie about her experience.
She has been in pain for many years from a back injury suffered while she was pregnant with twins, as well as the pain of endometriosis (which cleared up after a hysterectomy).
When the Morgellons condition took hold and gradually worsened, she had pain all over her body, including joint pain, pain from the lesions that she described as feeling like shards of broken glass penetrating her skin, pain in her eyeballs, extreme incapacitating fatigue, severe brain fog, and blurred vision.
All of this was in addition to the chronic back pain from the pregnancy eleven years ago.
She was chronically sleep-deprived from the pain and discomfort she was experiencing, to say nothing of the constant worries about her family, and the enormous costs they were incurring for ineffective conventional medical treatment.
Moreover, she was being denied pain medication by her family and friends as result of the conclusion of her doctors that she had become addicted to pain medication, and that this was the cause of the Morgellons symptoms.
She was in so much pain, and so unable to function cognitively or physically, that she felt that she had become too much of a burden on her family, and was seriously thinking of finding a way to end her life.
When she had hit bottom emotionally, she sent me a photo of the disfiguring lesions on her face. (see attachment) This photo was painful to look at. I received her email with the photo on May 13 (three weeks ago yesterday).
This email arrived just as I was ready to contact her to discuss the Rife machine, about which I had learned only two days before, and for which I had done a limited amount of research. I had told my sister Julie about the Rife machine, and she immediately offered to purchase it if I thought it might help Lizzie.
Upon receiving Lizzie’s email with the horrible photo of the Morgellons lesions, and sensing her extreme despair, I called her to ask if she would be willing to try the Rife machine. She knew I was not in a position to make such a large purchase.
Since Julie wanted to keep her involvement confidential for the time being (partly because her twin brother is a medical doctor who believes that Morgellons is a “delusion of parasitosis” or DOP),
I told Lizzie that an angel had offered to fund the purchase of the Rife machine in the hope that it could help her, and she agreed to try it as a last resort.
My sister Julie ordered the Rife machine on Monday May 18, and it arrived on Thursday May 21 at Lizzie’s post office. Today is exactly two weeks following the receipt of the machine, and the commencement of treatments.
Liz noticed signs of healing of the lesions after the first treatment. As treatments continued, she saw and felt steady, dramatic daily improvement.
As of yesterday, most of the symptoms had cleared but she still had some skin discoloration at the sites of the lesions. She slept last night with the machine in operation. Today all of the skin discoloration is gone, and all of the symptoms described above are absent. Her cognitive functions have returned, all pain has cleared up (including the back and eye pain), her normal energy and sunny constitution have returned, and her natural beauty is once again on display in her radiant face.
Lizzie said she is completely free of pain for the first time in 25 years, since she was nineteen years old.
I don’t know how to describe what this means to me as her father. It could be described as a miraculous and incredibly fast recovery from a severely debilitating condition.
But from learning about the Rife technology, I know that it is not really the result of a miracle – it is simply the application of a scientifically sound technology which was discovered, developed, and proven by Dr. Rife.
What is shocking is that this technology has been so effectively suppressed by the conventional medical establishment, and even when the appearance of a new disease like Morgellons appears which can be effectively treated by the technology, they not only continue to reject the technology, but they also refuse to acknowledge the existence of Morgellons itself as a physical reality.
I hope that Dr. Rife is able to witness the miracle of his discovery in the healing of my daughter from his place of honor in the world above.
I am extremely grateful for your assistance, and that Rife Digital has made the effort to sustain the Rife technology in order to make these machines available.
Now I need one for myself!


From: F#r, Maria Date: Sep 19, 2015 at 12:43 PM Subject: Re: Welcome to Rife Digital Stores USA To: Rife Digital Stores USA
Hi, I purchased a Rife machine from you a few months ago and took it to Hungary where my mom had pancreatic cancer. I was running the Rife Machine pancreatic cancer frequencies on her probably 3-4 times a day for 2 months, changed her diet to vegetarian, cut out sugar and used some other alternative methods. She had a surgery where they removed the cancerous tumor that was all hardened up and in a non-spreading stage, took out some other organs and a week later she was eating solid food, she seems to be cancer free!! Incredible as you normally do not walk away from this disease. So thank you for your machine. Mari F#r


From: er#[email protected] Sent: July 13, 2015 12:33 PM. To: Dr Peter Williams [MD] Subject: Programme for E# Pearse [rife digital machine] for treatment of Prostate Cancer Dear Peter, Further to my email of Sept 14 2012 and your reply of Sept 16 and your further advice of 22 Oct; I carried out your instructions as follows From 16/9/12 -------After detox 1 and 2 and return to the cancer sequence; I Returned to the cancer frequencies,once/twice daily with extra one hour special on 434.16 28/10/12-------Had a brief break from Rife From 16/11/12-----Started detox 1 and 2 and followed back to a full cancer frequency plus 434.16 [1 to 2 hours perday] From 19/1/13------Stop rife treatment pending next PSA result and specialist appointment on 4/2/13. 4/2/13-------PSA result 30. Specialist did not consider further digital examination necessary at this time as PSA was stable and decided to review in 12 months subject to any other symptoms increasing; noting that when I was in hospital in September with pains in lower chest region[had 4 MRIs 1 ultrasound and 1 endoscopy] the skeleton results were clear of any indication of a cancer being referred to same. 13/2/13 My present thought is that I must have been doing something right to stabilise the PSA. As I have ceased using the rife machine since 19/1/13 [specialist definitively doesnot want to know about it ]I would like to have your valued advice as to when I should continue with the rife machine and what programmes would best suit my condition?. I would be looking to have a further PSA reading in about 3 months time. I hope the above will meet with your request for a progress report Dr Peter and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Kindest Regards E# Pearse.


From: Gabriel Chan Email: gabr#gmail.com Date: March 25, 2015 at 12:03 PM Subject: Re: Rife Digital Machines. To: Dr Pete Williams Hi there, I just wanted to give a testimonial on the rife digital machine. I had come back from holidays a few days ago. Upon returning, I noticed a sore throat, with very noticably swollen tonsils. Using just one session of this (in fact, using a different set of frequency not the one in the book), I was able to cure this immediately, no painful swallowing, tonsils shrunken back to normal size within a few hours. I am very impressed with the machine itself! Am glad I bought this!


From: Roger Dove Date: Jun 19, 2015 at 11:58 PM Subject: Re: Rife Digital Machines. To: Dr Pete Williams Hi Dr Peter, I have had the machine for about 3 weeks now. A lot of changes - for the good. My mother has taken herself off morph, given up the wheel chair and most of the coughing. Not out of the woods yet but in a lot better place than she was 6 weeks ago. I have mentioned the machine to several people and I have been pleasantly surprised by a positive response. Especially from a few people who have seen mother through this process and know others with major challenges. I would like to start trying to sell the units at some point soon so will be needing your input on that. Have more questions but get to them later. Look forward to hearing from you. Roger.


Date: May 1, 2015 at 6:46 AM Subject: help with frequency Hi there, I love your machine, I have been seeing excellent results with detox and collagen building. Although my skin is rebuilding collagen and there is a big improvement in my face and neck, I still have age spots on my face. Can you give me a frequency to help get rid of those age spots? Thanks so much ... Stella Green Spiritual Healer


to rifedigital date Wed, Mar 7, 2015 at 5:30 PM mailed-by ###.gmail.com Thanks Dr. Williams it''s good to know there is a rep very close to me. I have a friend (masters in chem engineering) who is a big believer in natural medicine and he too is aware of what the medical mafia did to Royal Rife. My buddy showed some interest in getting a Rife Ultimate after I told him the outputs are right on and how it got rid of my nasty knee pain from over doing it (working out) and how it got rid of my wife''s chronic hip pain (just one session). If my friend does decide to purchase one, I''ll have him contact you. I enjoyed reading a few of your articles on natural medicine. I''m in agreement with all of that. I''m 56 years old and am told I have the physique of a 25 year old athlete. Whenever I go in for a physical (once a year) my family doc tells me that I''m her healthiest patient out of all of them and wonders what I''m doing differently and perhaps I should give a seminar to her patients. I said perhaps I rely more on good nutrition (avoid HFCS), avoid aspartame, sucralose, do natural supps and energy healing and don''t take any prescription meds. I asked, do you think that could be it? She said it very well could be. I became a believer in Rife''s discovery not so much after reading "The Cancer Cure that Worked", but after I was in a Rife Ray (plasma tube) session with a retired nurse who was diagnosed with colon cancer. She refused going for congenital treatment because Chemo and radiation was her specialty and she saw mostly pain and misery and little improvement with conventional medicine. After so many Rife treatments and mixing it up with Reconnective Healing sessions, I saw her about 3 months later at a club meeting. I asked how she was doing and she said fine. I said, how are you "really" doing? She knew what I was asking and said (with a bright smile), she went for a check up and the docs are confused because they can''t find any cancer (even after subsequent tests). I said did you tell them what you have been doing? She said, "no, they wouldn''t understand". Thanks again for the great customer support, Be Well, Steve E...


Dear Peter, Just to let you know that I did purchase a rife digital machine. It arrived very quickly to the UK - is exactly as described - very easy to use - and the frequencies are accurate (I tested them with a frequency meter) - and I am altogether delighted with it. Thank you very much. Phil Mollon


Subject : Opinion Mail : rnl###[email protected] Text : Dr. Dr. Williams, my family and I deeply thank God for you and your apparent genuine concern for those of us who were diagnosed with cancer. My mother was recently treated for gastric cancer and the chemotherapy seems to be causing her more pain and suffering than the cancer itself. When I researched alternative treatments, I found the Rife Machine and we went to a clinic in New York for treatments. We wanted to purchase the machine so that treatment for her and our loving pet (dog) who has cancer, could be done in the comfort of our home, but everywhere we looked to purchase the machine, the cost was too much out of our financial ability (thousands of dollars). It wasn''t until I saw your site and the January sale that I JUMPED for joy and told my family I had found a Rife machine and other very valuable cancer treatment information we could afford and could use. Dr. Peter Williams, you and your company are our angels. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not being greedy and for being truly concerned about helping people heal. Even if your price goes up after the sale, at least the sale allowed those of us with little to no money purchase this very valuable piece of healing equipment. I wish you and your company, your family, and friends well; and, again please know you are our Angel! Bernard


On Apr 12, 2015 at 2:05 PM, <> wrote: Subject : Opinion Mail : ##[email protected] Text : I have a Rife Digital Machine. Very useful. I have had great success with the Bacterial Infections and Mycoses setting for infections. And the Parasite, General and Comprehensive frequencies. Thank You Vikki Young ##[email protected] Submit :


Subject : Opinion Mail: Joh##[email protected]#.com Text: Thank you for the Rife Machine. Within 3 weeks my skin cancer has cleared. This is totally remarkable. I would like to purchase 3 more now for my other family members. One is for Diabetes and another 2 for Detox and clearing bladder infections. Thanks again, John Bakerson.


Subject : Opinion Mail : chi##[email protected] Text : Hi there!!! I have an autoimmune disorder and have been using the RIFE for almost a month now, It does seem to be helping me get rid of all these viruses that are inside of me, I am very happy with my results! The only question I do have, I don''t see anything for any kind of food allergies, is there any freq or other program I can run that would help with that? Thanks, Julie Submit :


On Apr 9, 2015 at 3:14 PM, Brandon Fuller wrote: Hey this is Brandon I bought your royal rife machine and i been using it for three days and I notice that my psychic ablility has been increasing. I read over and over about how your machine sends energy through your charkas thats the main reason i got your machine i wanted to tell you, ''thank you'' for having a product like that for sale.


Subject : Opinion Mail : Ke####[email protected] Text : This machine is utterly brilliant. Easy to use. Astonishing scope. Well made and nicely packaged. Arrived quickly by courier Thank you very much. Kevin Submit :


Subject : Opinion Mail : Text : Hello Dr. Williams, I wrote to you before thanking you for this wonderful machine that is affordable to the public. Three of my patients have bought a machine from you so that makes me very happy. My question is, what are the frequencies for obsessive compulsive disorder. Under "neurosis" it says to go to obsessive compulsive but there is nothing listed under that. Please give me the frequencies so I can give it to my patient. Thank you so much! Karen Szymanowski L.Ac. Submit :


From: Scott Mitchell
Email: igg##[email protected]###.net
HI, I was wondering how often you can use these frequencies...daily, weekly?
I used the frequency for muscle cramps last night and it worked amazing.


From: Phyllis
Date: Mar 20, 2015 at 5:46 PM
Subject: Re: Message from Royal Rife Digital Machines
To: Dr Peter Williams

Re: Lymes Disease Dr. Williams, we have used the rife machine for my son''s Bartonells, and Annaplasmosis. We did not use it to the extent that you recommended( I didn’t remember this email when I got the machine), and so far, after using the rife he has now been tested negative for both

We used the rife machine very sparingly and possibly too sparingly. I say this because he is testing negative but his symptoms are still around, no more headaches, but confusion and foggy brain, with some depression and mood swings. Should we continue with the rife and address the symptoms with the broader title in the manual called TICK DISEASES? might this clear up lingering symptoms?

I have used the rife for nodules on my thyroid, I have also used it sparingly...10 min each frequency...and there are 10...so, an hour and 40min. ....and I''ve used it twice...there has been a physical response...my throat/neck area seems over active, then calm....I would like you to help me know what protocol(time) to use for each illness or disease. Thank you so much for your time and help, if you could get back to me I would really appreciate it. Phyllis Boudreaux... cell# 201-###-###


From: Andrew Coles
Date: Mar 2, 2015 at 8:31 AM
Subject: Rife Digital Machine User Interface
To: [email protected]

Dear Dr. Williams

Many thanks for the Rife Digital Machine, bought as the second Machine with Yury Erman''s, who you have advised further regarding treating his Adult Onset Diabetes. The post-sales Support is really appreciated.

I have just had a bad re-occurrence of Asthma not experienced since childhood. I was diagnosed 35 years ago as being allergic to dust and feathers. I had been sanding the wings of a sailplane for refurbishment, and have inhaled polyester gel coat particles.

After just two full cycle treatments for asthma, I am breathing normally again! I am continuing further with the sessions to make sure the Asthma cause (probably a virus to which I am sensitive) is killed.

Thanks, Andrew Coles

From: Frank Mansell Date: Mar 27, 2015 at 3:48 AM Subject: Message To: Dr Peter Williams Dr. Peter, I recieved machine and have already used it twice. I''m a big believer in these as I witnessed one being used on my wife 20 years ago. I saw, felt with my own hands,the hard golf ball sized (something) under her armpits shrink to nearly half with just 1 treatment in 24 hours. Frank Mansell


From: Gabe Chan Date: Mar 29, 2015 at 11:10 PM Subject: Rife digital and back pain
To: [email protected]
Hi Dr Williams, I never thought this was possible (as I thought that rife was only for bacteria and viruses), but I used the back pain frequency for one whole night (7 hrs) and after only my left lower back had pain. After another night (not running any script), most of the pain was gone! All I can say is wow! Please let others know because back pain is such a serious pain and can be long term. Kind regards Gabe


From: Karen Hall Date: Aug 19, 2015 at 3:00 PM To: Dr Peter Williams From: Karen Hall k*@xtra.co.nz. Hello there, I am very pleased with the results I am getting for clients (as are they!) using the Rife Digital Ultimate model. Mycoplasmas generally clear in just one session which is very encouraging. Thank you, Karen Hall


From: Nick Prom Date: Aug 17, 2015 at 3:47 PM Recently my Docotr told me I had a Thyroid problem and scheduled me to see a specialist. Before my visit I used the Rife machine and when I went in to the specialist their test showed it was normal. The test results showed it is a 4.82 and the Doctor said if it is 5 or lower it is normal. The Specialist showed me that when the other Doctor checked me it was over 8 and she could not explain why it is suddenly normal. My question is how often should I repeat the Rife Thyroid treatment for it to stay at the normal level? Monthly, quarterly, annually? Thanks Nick Prom.


On Aug 18, 2015 at 8:44 PM, <> wrote: Subject : Opinion Mail : ro###[email protected] Text : Dear Doctor Williams.... checking in with you for a follow up and one or two questions....Rod Roger E Williams here..... I''m the one who worked with Dr. Loftin in Salt Lake nearly 40 years ago and operated his Rife machines on his patients in exchange for treatment on my daughter who was born with almost no immune system...after were were told take her home and enjoy her for what ever time she has left...so,,,,,,,WE ordered the New version and I have used it to treat severe T-2,3,4,5 and 6 spondylitis....additional damage from polio at age of nine....so much swelling and pain and even felt the pressure up into my head....I was most days unable to function... started the Rife Digital treatments and in less than 3 months I''m walking up and down 100 ft high hill to feed the animals on our mountain 31 acre farm,,,, chopping and spitting fire wood..teaching 4 hrs per day home school to Grandchild and able to sit at computer for hours and feel no pain... none... not being a medical person I don''t know if the bone it''s self is being repaired or just the swelling and inflammation are under control...I''m 66... and feel a bunchhhhhhhhhh like 50....


From: rew wer Date: Aug 20, 2015 at 3:35 PM Subject: RE: Message from Royal Rife Digital Machines-REPLY To: [email protected] Thanks Doc... for your response....when I get my xrays I''ll send the info along... I am not out to prove anything to V.A. I just want to discover for my self if the bone is actually thickening.. or that the inflammation is that much better or both..I will settle for and be greatful for the pain and discomfort gone however it was accomplished... but if I knew that it also caused thicker bones and better formation..for a person my age... I''d know what best to say to my older friends with similar problems..When I recommend they buy the machine...I know you''re busy.... not looking for an answer back... will contact you when I have the info.... it will take 6 weeks or more for me to get V.A. involved....Thank you as always for your personal time and attention.... Rod...


On Sat, Apr 23, 2015 at 12:34 PM, <> wrote: Subject : Opinion Mail : be#####[email protected] Text : hello. my name is Ben. i am interested in this rife machine for my health concerns. i am type 2 diabetic. would this machine have any effect for someone that has type 2 diabetes? obviously, i understand that this machine has many valuable positives to my health regardless if it can affect the diabetes. i heard about this from a woman who claims the Rife Digital saved her life from a disease she had. and also, cured her husband from cancer which was life threatening. so, i''am definitely interested. thankyou. Submit : Submit Sent by ()


Date: Apr 26, 2015 at 7:03 AM Subject: To: [email protected] Subject : Opinion Mail : larr#####[email protected] Text : We are so excited. We have already owned one machine and gave it to our daughter in law who has lymes disease with great success.


On Thu, May 5, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Kris Knowlton wrote: Dear Dr. Williams, I forgot to mention to you that the machine worked well on poison ivey. Normally if this person gets a little bit of poison ivey on them, it always spread profusley. They used the machine and the next morning it was almost all cleared up


Date: May 12, 2015 at 12:41 PM Subject: To: [email protected] Subject : Opinion Mail : NG###[email protected] Text : Hi, I recently bought your Digital Rife machine for my mother''s Uturis Sarcoma cancer and I have been using it to treat her. We have been told by my mother''s doctor that the tumor has broken and this is why she is getting a discharge of pus from her urine along with some spotting. Is this a good sign that the Rife is doing it''s work? I have been using the Rife on her for 7 days now. Submit : Submit


From: Date: May 18, 2015 at 6:24 AM Subject: Re: Message from Royal Rife Digital Machines To: Customer Service Dr. Williams, I was in an auto accident 9-11-09, and have been on vicodin and flexaril for over 18 months. After using the whiplash settings in my book, I actually told my doctor I would need no more pain pills or muscle relaxers. I planned to be cured in 3 months. I appreciate you. Thank you Sharon McCort s#mc#[email protected]


From: Eva Mecklenburg Date: May 24, 2015 at 1:39 AM Subject: Thank you so much! To: "Williams, Peter Dr." Dear Dr. Williams, A couple of months ago, I bought the $399 Rife Digital unit and have been using it often enough to notice differences which are remarkable. For years I put up with a crooked finger until I saw the Dupuytren''s Contracture application. My finger is straight again and I can close my fist again without pain. It was the best purchase in my life! Thank you for you dedicated work and bringing back technology we could not use for 80 years or longer.


to rifedigital date Fri, Jul 22, 2015 at 5:42 PM subject mailed-by ########gmail.com Dear Dr Peter Thanks for your help. I love the compact size of the RIFE DIGITAL. I''ve been enoying my Rife Digital with my wifes help online. She introduced me to the Rife machine . She has been using and treating her family and friends in Philippines for many years. Her Rife is so big compared to mine. I plan to surprise her and buy her this model RIFE DIGITAL. We plan to open a gym health clinic restaurant there. She recently relocated to Santa Fe Island. Seems nobody has heard of the Rife there. So they are all very scepticle of it. I''ve mentioned it to my Dr''s and physical thereipists. None have heard of it. One physical therapist when I mentioned the Rife machine to him. Looked like he saw a ghost. He then claimed he never heard about it , and refused to discuss it further. Once again many thanks for the help. Best Regards marc


Customer Service [email protected] to [email protected] date Wed, Aug 3, 2015 at 6:04 AM subject mailed-by #####.gmail.com Hi, As for my own experience with Rife Digital, I live in Arizona and walked on hot pavement, unknowingly at first, but after a bit, my feet were scorched. I had huge blisters and a few blood blisters. Couldn''t even walk. The day after I decided to use the Zapper. Two days after, the blisters were essentially completely down. And I could walk basically pain free. I''d say I was 80-90% healed. Chris Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance - Albert Einstein


From: Kim Nord Email: ki###[email protected] Hello! 2 years ago, I ''borrowed'' from a friend/ neighbor, a Rife Digital machine... i used it to ABSOLUTELY ELIMINATE a very aggressive, femoral tumor, which was malignant, and basically inoperable, (as per the advice of a very good orthopedist that i have seen, had said the leg needed to be removed ) The tumor is now GONE. I still have my left leg. GONE. I have a friend who has a family member with stage 4 lung cancer, who is my age- 49- he does NOT want to die. I told my friend about the benefits of the Rife Device, and was wondering if thid device would be appropriate for HIS cancer. Would you please advise as to WHICH Rife device woul;d be better for him, as I cannot loan out my device as it is borrowed, and the person in question is over 400 miles away from me. Thanks in advance, Kim Nord


From: Pippa Duffy Date: Aug 2, 2015 at 6:43 PM Subject: RE: A few answers To: rifedigital Dear Dr Williams, This is just a thank you letter. What a difference it makes to have a real person at Rife Digital - answering questions personally, efficiently, thoroughly and promptly. The machine is working well and we are thrilled with it and will recommend it to others. It is helping me with a tooth that will only be attended to in a month''s time as I am in Australia at present. Initially we thought it was going to be complicated and time-consuming because of changing the programmes for different members of the family. But my 9 year old Grandson got the hang of it very quickly and programmed his own treatment for impetigo. Warm regards Pippa


From: rick philipow Email: ri##[email protected] Hello. Received the machine yesterday.Thanks first for the speed of delivery and second for the excellent equipment. Started using immediately. I just ordered a second. Also I am wondering if I can order a spare set of straps.Thanks again.


From: TRESA HARRINGTON Date: Aug 14, 2015 at 2:02 AM Subject: CFS Question To: [email protected] Hi Doctor Williams, My most recent Lyme test came back negative, which is great news. And I''m sure the rife digital had something to do with it, along with the Alinia and oxygen treatments I have been doing for the past five months. However, I am still feeing pretty lousy, and believe that due to being sick for so long, it has now become some kind of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome situation. Since there are so many things that can cause CFS, which from my understanding is a neurological issue affecting the immune system, as well as the XMRV virus, how does the EDT device help alleviate the symptoms. Are the frequencies dealing with the immune and the brain? If you could shed some light on this, I would appreciate it very much. Thank You! Tresa Harrington ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Joe Rapisarda Date: Aug 25, 2015 at 11:31 AM Subject: Re: Message from Dr Pete Williams To: Customer Service Hi I wanted to give you a quick update. I''ve been using the Rife machine I bought through you for 7 1/2 weeks now. I am using it on my dog Carlos who has a Malignant Tumor the size of a golf ball growing on the outside of his nose. The first few weeks we saw no effect, then after about a month we noticed the tumor reduced about 50% in size. The ball shaped tumor was curving in to become concaved. This was a great sign of progress. Carlos is often exhausted from the Cancer or the Rife healing treatment. His lymph node under his neck are hard and swollen. About a few weeks ago we gave him a few days off the machine to let his body recover. His body did recharge and the lymph nodes did get smaller... Sincerely, Joe Rapisarda 70#-###-### jo####[email protected]


rifedigital date Tue, Aug 30, 2015 at 1:42 PM subject Testimonial mailed-by #####.gmail.com I received my rife digital and am very, very happy with it. Thank you so so much. Having lyme for six years I feared it progressing to the point of being helpless. I''m now feeling like my ''old'' self and stronger than ever. It''s been less than a month using the rife. Thank you. Sincerely, Susie


From: Eva Mecklenburg Date: Sep 13, 2015 at 11:46 PM Subject: Order Number: 1244 To: [email protected] Dear Dr. Williams, our new Rife Digital Ultimate Machine arrived a couple of days ago. After getting familiar with the different but faster and easier input of frequencies, I set it up for my husband and we hope to have good and satisfying results with it. I bought the 2010 Model last year and have had amazing improvements on both hands with no pain and more agility. Thanks for helping people at large to have a chance to live a better life. Kind regards, Eva Mecklenburg


From: Toni Ann Pin###na Date: Sep 28, 2015 at 9:19 AM Subject: Thank You!!! To: Customer Service Okay!!! thank you so much...yes I seen that in the book about the Hex response and I’m familiar with it bc I have my degree in Alternative Med, but when it said it might make symptoms worse, for some reason it wasn’t registering with me that my herpes would get worse lol I was just thinking regular detox symptoms like headache, stomach issues, etc.... Thank you sooo much!!!! I actually feel a lot better and my outbreaks cleared up really fast :) another crazy thing is I got a bad yeast infection lol hadn’t had one in years!!!! I did take acidophilus bc one of the frequencies was the same as lactobacillus, but it still came.... I own a medical weight loss/wellness clinic and if this machine cures me or helps me with less outbreaks(pretty much get them every month) then I would like to set something up with you about getting my patients to by the machine....or could I treat them at the clinic??? they would have to come in everyday though right???? okay, let me know and thank you for your quick response :)


From: Teresa Cumbers Date: Sep 29, 2015 at 7:22 AM Subject: Re: Message from Dr Pete Williams To: Customer Service Hello, Have had my husband on the Rife Digital everyday for three months, alternating from Malaria (for the first 3 weeks) then HIV then HepC and then alternating from HIV to HepC. He also completed the three week - MMS HIV treatment (taking MMS every hour for eight hours a day). On completion of the three months he had his 3 monthly HIV blood test. We also asked for a liver function test as well. His liver function is back to normal and his CD4 count has gone from 207 to 417 this is a great improvement. We will continue with the RIFE DIGITAL but would like to know if we just stay now with the HIV or do we continue alternating between HIV and HEPC. We have him taking the Astragalus and Ganoderma (high doses everyday) he also takes several other immune boosters as well. Your advice is always appreciated. Kind regards, Teresa Cumbers


From: Jac###ian.gmail.com Date: Oct 5, 2015 at 9:12 AM Subject: Re: Message from Dr Pete Williams To: Customer Service Dear Dr Williams i would like to let you know that upon your advice and the cycles we used, the blood clots which my wife had on her lungs,. have gone. We will keep using the Rife as a maintenance from now on. Jack Manasserian


From: la###[email protected] Date: Oct 14, 2015 at 3:21 PM Subject: Frequency Request To: [email protected] Dear Dr. Williams, Firstly, thank you for providing an affordable Rife Machine! I cannot tell you what an answer to prayer it is. Being able to use it overnight is key for me, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help! Best Regards, Tracey Chalette


Date: Oct 27, 2015 at 6:33 PM Subject: Message from Rife Digital Stores USA To: Dr Peter Williams From: Karl Kascha Email: k##[email protected] I am interested in selling this product. I have already purchased one and have been using it for the last 2 months, with huge success, to treat Lyme Disease. I am an electrical engineer and understand the technology and science behind the rife machine. Please give me pricing information. Thank you for your consideration.


Date: Nov 1, 2015 at 11:23 AM Subject: Message from Rife Digital Stores USA To: Dr Peter Williams From: Tabitha K Email: tab####@aol.com Dr. Peter, I am really enjoying my Rife Machine. It''s definitely helped with certain issues for my anxiety disorder. Thanks for making the Rife available at a great price. I learned about them initially when I was in massage school in 1997 and kept and eye on them until I purchased one from you. Regards, Tabitha


From: Robert Baillie Date: Nov 1, 2015 at 10:28 PM Subject: Frequencies for SCC To: [email protected] Dear Dr Williams I have been using your machine for about 3 months now. Over the last couple of weeks, my ear cancer has been reducing in size, noticeable on a daily basis. My desire is to destroy it completely, and as I am unable to determine the best set of frequencies from the list in the manual, would you be so kind as to e-mail them to me at your earliest convenience? At the moment I am not willing to undergo a CT scan and perhaps surgery to remove my lymph gland and the SCC on my ear, unless there is no other option. Thank you for your kind consideration and help in this matter, Sincerely, Rob Baillie


From: Karl Kascha Email: k#es.com I am interested in selling this product. I have already purchased one and have been using it for the last 2 months, with huge success, to treat Lyme Disease. I am an electrical engineer and understand the technology and science behind the rife machine. Please give me pricing information. Thank you for your consideration.


From: Paulette Agnew Email: pau####[email protected] Hello a quick question as Ive been cured of Lyme disease using Rife Digital and want to write about Rife technology, A) can anyone treat with it or do you have to be a certified doctor/therapist? B) can one have one in the home for family use and if so how do you know what frequency to treat with? Thank you Kind regards Paulette


From: A Gray Date: Oct 14, 2015 at 12:22 AM Subject: Some questions FAO Dr. Peter Williams To: [email protected] Dear Dr. Williams, I have breast cancer and have been using a Rife machine for a few weeks with such initial success that we have bought several more to pass on to others we come across who have cancer etc. Thank you,


the rife machine

The Rife Professional Series use specific frequencies from the 3500 frequency list book to stimulate a altering of bioresonance in the cells, reversing the change caused by the disease. Transmitting these frequencies over the same electrodes (straps) over a period of time generates healing signals that have the curative effect. With this method of treatment, practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases and addictions without drugs.

Used successfully in Germany for more than 16 months, and with over 20000 users, The Rife Digital Professional V2 series is a German model which is now available to USA. The Rife Digital Professional V2 specializes in running all of the Bioresonance frequencies pertaining to Dr Rife's original machine. It is a higher powered device using 19v DC, 4500ma, averaging an output of about 17.5 volts and 1 million Hertz frequencies to the body. This model comes into alignment with the standard industry Rife Machines now available for many thousands of dollars more, Rife Digital Professional now incorporates Carrier Wave, and Radio Frequency Switchable options to name a few new features.

The Rife Digital Professional V2:  This model is much easier to use, with simplified easy program keyboard, pause and play function, essential for those bathroom breaks, special comfortable straps designed for use on hands and feet, direct connect silver button on the straps for 100% conductivity to the healing frequencies.

The Rife Machine Series

- The Rife Machine for treatment of all types of disease and related symptoms:
- Rife Digital Professional V2 is the most powerful Rife Machine in the series.
- The Rife Digital Series has output to 4 straps which can be worn on both feet and hands,
- Use the device for the treatment of 2 people simultaneously.
- We only use quality components manufactured by Microchip Devices USA
- China Parts are not used in the Rife Machine itself. All parts are sourced from Digikey USA
- Please email Dr Peter Williams on the contact page, regarding how Rife Professional Treatment can assist you.
- Rife Digital is the best Rife Machine available today.
- Please click INFO below for more detailed information.

Rife Machine

The Rife Digital Machine is an electronic device producing an adjustable frequency of 000.01Khz - 999.99Khz @ 5.0 volts DC which is the most successful bandwidth for eliminating bacteria and parasites through the wrist / foot strap terminals. The pulsing action of the positive terminal sends an electronic ''wave'' through the body, which eliminates all parasites, bacteria, amoeba and viruses that live within this 1,000,000hz band. This positive current detaches the negatively charged bacteria from their electro-magnetic adhesion in the body, so that the immune system can fight them. The frequencies can be programmed in according to the particular illness you are working with.

Dr Royal Rife was the original designer of the Rife Machine, which he called a ''RIFE FREQUENCY DEVICE''.

Country Adapters for Zapper Digital 2000ma DC Power Supply

By far the release of the German designed Rife Digital Series are the most comprehensive and powerful Rife Machine on the market.

The power adapter is 110v - 220v automatically switchable, so you can use it world wide. Conversion adapters available: All Countries Adapters shipped according to country of order unless by special request. Other country adapters are available.

Power Adapters are 12v DC on the Bioresonanz Models and 16vDC on Professional Series
Rife Digital LCD Display LCD DISPLAY IN KHz

Rife Digital has an LCD Panel which displays all possible frequencies available to the user to assist people with many health problems and their associated treatment frequencies.
The accompanying ETDFL frequency book is the reference guide for correct frequency settings for each treatment. Book shows frequencies in Khz
Rife Digital Navigation Panel Navigation Panel:

* Program Frequencies in the Navigation Panel
* ▲►▼◄ Keys Permit selection of frequencies
* Program frequency into Rife Digital
* Lock specific frequencies into memory
* Corresponds with Frequency book (included)
* Memory will not erase with power off
* Master Reset returns to Factory defaults
* Maximum 1,000,000hz
The Instruction Book:

The Instruction book is now integrated with the ETDFL frequency list, and comprises of 128 pages

The ETDFL Frequency List Book lists over 3500 Parasitic Infections, Diseases and treatments. It gives the user many accompanying programmable frequency settings in Kilohertz (kHz) to use with Rife Digital.

Set your Rife Navigation Menu to a Frequency specific to a treatment or illness. e.g. Cancer of Lung: 000.05Khz, and Run the Frequency in Manual mode; Or Program in the whole set, and the device will run each frequency for 10 minutes.

Rife Digital is most effective when it is used for extended periods of time: For example: 3 hours per day/night with the wrist-straps attached to the soles of the feet.

Rife Digital Instruction Books

You can use the Loop function to continue to run through all 10 frequencies with repeat.

Instruction Book in 4 Languages:

The Instruction book has been translated into 4 main languages. The Actual ETDFL frequency list is in English, as many disease conditions use similar or the same medical terms across the main languages.

QuickStart Manual in 4 Languages

Features: "Easy Edit"
- Easily Edit any frequency
- Use ▲▼ to change number
- Press Program to save
- Press RUN for 1 program
- Press SWEEP for many
- Press same button for pause
- Enter Zeros for Timer function
- "Loop" functions for overnight
treatments: Non Stop Therapy

Rife Digital User Manual
Selecting Frequency Sets are 000.01 to 999.99Khz.

All Frequencies are programmed in, and run at 10 minutes each interval

Treatments for extended periods are the best suggested method for Rife Digital. 2-6 hours depending upon seriousness of condition.

Select the appropriate disease frequencies from the book and program the selection into your Rife Digital. Press "SWEEP" on the machine to allow the healing treatment to commence.
Rife Machine Rife Digital POWER PORT for "Quad-Treatment"

Rife Digital Power Port for QUAD Treatments: Allows a session on both the hands and feet.

Rife Digital also allows for 2 people to have treatments simultaneously... Good for a busy Clinic.

QUAD treatments follow the Meridian Lines of the body''s "Energy Field" , This creates an energy focal point at the heart chakra intersection.

Meridian treatments: Positive cable is marked with a Red line.
Wear (+) Positive straps on hands and feet (left side) and Ground straps on hands and feet right side (-)

Note: As from July 2011 all Rife Digital Series will be shipped with a RCA cable for Connection of the 4 Straps. This permits a two foot extension to both the Hand and Foot straps.
Rife Machine Rife Digital Meridian Treatments allow a greater flow of energy through the Chakras

The 4 straps allow the movement of energy from the lower body, through to the upper meridians.
Rife machine wriststrap stainless steel button Stainless Steel Padded Hand-Straps:

Hand-Straps allow the use of the Rife Machine for longer periods of time, eliminating the need for "copper bars" which cause "cramp" with extended use. The entire strap is conductive
Using Wrist-Straps:

Allow Treatments on wrists for short periods, as skin on wrists will become sensitive to the frequencies..

If you use Wrist-straps in the hands, wrap around wrist, with the stainless steel plate face down in the palms.

Alternatively, use Straps on soles of the feet: (see below)

Foot-Straps / Foot Plate

For the best results with Rife Digital, wear the wrist-straps on the soles of the feet. This simulates a "FOOT-PLATE" and allows free movement of the feet. One may rest or sleep for a period using this method which creates a healing mechanism through the meridians of the feet, much like acupuncture.
Rife Machine
Sterile 100% Conductive, Hospital Grade Wrist/Foot Straps Supplied Rife Machine

Extended use of the Rife Machine with Straps attached to the feet (as pictured) has proven to be very effective for sufferers of serious illness or disease. Hospital Grade wrist/foot straps guarantee long life and swift surface sterilization if required.
Rife Machine Foot Strap.
Rife Digital LCD Lab Testing with Oscilloscope Rife Digital LAB TESTING:

Rife Digital is tested before shipping with a Digital Oscilloscope. Rife Digital produces a Square Wave (Pictured)

The “Square wave” permits the frequencies to penetrate the body more efficiently at any given Khz output. Square waves are considered the superior “frequency to wave” output for any Frequency generator device.

Rife Digital oscillator stage creates a pure a square wave from 000.01Khz to 999.99KHz.

* Oscillator is pictured for testing purposes and is not included with Rife Digital.
Rife Digital for Children:

Rife Digital is suitable for children and can be used with all the applicable frequencies in the ETDFL book. Children must be attended to and supervised at all times by an adult when using the device. Use Rife Digital only on the soles of the feet of kids as pictured:

Rife Digital Child Zapper
Rife Machine for Pets Rife Machine Treatment for Pets: Dogs and Cats

Rife Digital is suitable as a Pet ''Rife'', and is both a Dog ''Rife'', and a Cat ''Rife''.

Follow the General Parasites frequencies in the ETDFL book.

Attach Wriststraps only on the "Pads" of the Pets feet and tighten strap firmly. Sleep-time is a good opportunity for using Rife Digital on your Pet.
* Includes Rife Digital Carry Case

Rife Digital Carry Bag
Rife Digital Carry Bag
* Rife Digital requires 110v - 220v (worldwide voltage) to operate.
* Bioresonanz, Ultimate and Pro models come in "Apple Mac" Super White finish.
* Rife Digital is available worldwide. Rife Digital power adapter works in every country
* There are no batteries fitted to or required with Rife Digital
* Postage is international and is fixed rate to all countries for $35. USA rate is $19 with UPS
* Postage is always sent by International UPS courier delivery, as they have a secure tracking system.
* UPS fees are not refundable after dispatch.
* Payment is available through Credit Card, PAYPAL, Money Order only by prior arrangement
* Warranty is for exchange on product. Rifedigital.com will send replacement machine guaranteed.
* Restocking fee of 5% applies to refunds.
** USA power cord Supplied, Applicable adapter provided according to your country.
- (UK, US, Europe, All Asia Regions available)


Rife Machine Ultimate               

Rife Machine Harmonic Frequencies Rife Machine 24 Megahertz

- Larger 24MHZ Quartz Crystal Core

Rife Digital Ultimate TRIO

- "Ultimate Trio" has more than double the Amperage of the Rife Digital Bioresonanz
- TRIO Larger Screen
- Fully Programmable Rife Machine With Equivalent Power of Industry Standard Rife devices
- Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies
- TRIO Features: Super Sweep, Pulse Sweep and Program Modes
- Master Reset
- Power Rating: 16v-DC, (Ultimate model has 35% x more Power than Rife Digital Bioresonanz)
- Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Ultimate model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
- Rife Measured Voltage Output ~14v (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)
- 50% Duty Cycle (Standard)
- 100% Positive Offset
- DAC: Digital Accuracy
- RF Frequencies using CW Impedance
- LCD display gives accuracy up to 2 decimal points. (0999.99Khz)
- Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz - 0999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz)
- Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
- Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
- Uninterruptible Program Sequences
- Automatic function plus manual over-ride.
- Square Wave Output
- 2 Strap Connectors for the hands
- 2 Strap Connectors for the feet
- USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
- All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v - 230/240/250v)
- Idle Mode: Default Mode , Rife Digital waits for your instructions
- Program Mode: Press P to Program 10 Frequency Ranges
- Run Mode: Press Run to run any frequency full time
- Sweep Mode: Press Sweep to Run a Frequency Set at intervals of 10 minutes per program

Purchase Rife Digital Ultimate Trio model if .....

(1) You wish to use this Higher Power output for treatment of more serious disease.
(2) You require a Rife Machine that can deliver the higher power of industry standard devices
(3) You prefer Rife Digital to run all the frequency sets for you, automatically
(4) You need DAC Accuracy combined with RF Frequencies using CW Impedance
(5) Your need the Larger 24Mhz Quartz Crystal Core.


Click Here For More Information Click Here For More Information

Dr Rife Professional Machine V2
Professional Rife Machine Harmonics Professional Rife Machine Crystal

- Larger 30MHZ Quartz Crystal Core

Rife Digital Professional V2

- "Professional V2" has more than double the Amperage of the Rife Digital Bioresonanz
- 3 Languages Built into Menu :  English, Spanish, and Japanese
- Fully Programmable Rife Machine With Equivalent Power of CLINIC Standard Rife devices
- Easy to Use and Program Keyboard. Enter frequencies quickly and easily.
- Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies
- Power Rating: 19v-DC, (Ultimate model has 35% x more Power than Rife Digital Bioresonanz)
- Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Professional model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
- Voltage Variable
- Rife Measured Voltage Output ~12.5, 14.5 and 17.5v  (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)
- 50% Duty Cycle (Standard)
- 100% Positive Offset
- DAC: Digital Accuracy
- RF Frequencies - Dr Rifes Original Machine. Button Switchable
- CW Frequencies - Dr Rifes Carrier Wave. Button Switchable
- LCD display with more menu options
- Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz - 0999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz)
- Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
- Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
- Square Wave Output
- 2 Strap Connectors for the hands and feet.
- 2 Straps now connect directly to machine (No Y Junction required)
- USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
- All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v - 230/240/250v)
- Standard Sweep, Standard Run,
- PULSE Sweep and Run - New feature which builds power output for 1 second and Pulses Frequencies into the body
- Convergence Sweep - Runs 2 Frequencies simultaneously on the full Million program mode
- Super Sweep - Runs all million frequencies from 0 - 1 million Hz
- 20 Multiple Group Settings. Put Multiple programs in for different people or multiple disease treatments
- 5 Empty Frequency Banks, for storing your own frequency Sets/Groups
- Clinic Standard Device. Key in all your patients programs prior to their arrival for treatment

Purchase Rife Digital Professional V2 model if .....

(1) You wish to use the Higher Power output of the new PULSE feature
(2) You require multiple programs prerecorded for varying disease treatments
(3) You prefer the simplified Keyboard Input facility
(4) You Wish to Switch between Radio Frequencies and Carrier Waves (Rife Original vs Rife later models)
(5) You wish to experience every frequency from zero to 1 million via Super Sweep
(6) You require the DUAL frequency output of the Convergence Sweep Mode
(5) You Prefer to use the machine in another language (Spanish, Japanese, English)

Click Here For More Information Click Here For More Information

"Rife Digital Professional V2 Machine was born from Dr Royal Rife's discoveries: A machine that provided the exact frequencies produced by Dr Rife's original Clinic model"
Dr Rife Explains the Rife Machine
About Rife Digital:
Rifedigital.net supplies the Europe and UK market with the most recent Rife technology. Designed in Germany and distributed throughout all EU
The Rife Digital Professional Series are the most advanced Rife technologies available, allowing the user full control of the frequencies desired to heal.
The accompanying 3500 Disease Frequency book outlines thousands of frequencies available to program into your Rife Machine.
Rifedigital.net are the only company selling the Professional Series, based on Dr Rife's original Rife Machine

12 Months Warranty applies to all Rife Digital Machines. Our Service center is in UK and USA. Accessories such as straps and cables have a limited 30 Day Warranty. Wholesale and Re-seller Discounts apply to bulk purchases of Rife Digital. Please contact Customer Service at the CONTACT button above for a quote.
Rife Digital sell Rife Machine's world-wide and the average time for postage is 3-4 days.
Shipping within UK is faster, less than 2 working days
Payment By Credit Card on Paypal Express, or use the PayPal members payment facility. PayPal now accepts all Credit Cards if you require an express checkout.
Rife Digital are shipped by Royal Mail

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On Wed, Oct 12, 2015 at 2:05 PM, <> wrote: Subject : Opinion Mail : ##[email protected] Text : I have a Rife Digital Machine. Very useful. I have had great success with the Bacterial Infections and Mycoses setting for infections. And the Parasite, General and Comprehensive frequencies. Thank You Vikki Young ##[email protected] Submit :


Subject : Opinion Mail: Joh##[email protected]#.com Text: Thank you for the Rife Machine. Within 3 weeks my skin cancer has cleared. This is totally remarkable. I would like to purchase 3 more now for my other family members. One is for Diabetes and another 2 for Detox and clearing bladder infections. Thanks again, John Bakerson.


Subject : Opinion Mail : chi##[email protected] Text : Hi there!!! I have an autoimmune disorder and have been using the RIFE for almost a month now, It does seem to be helping me get rid of all these viruses that are inside of me, I am very happy with my results! The only question I do have, I don''t see anything for any kind of food allergies, is there any freq or other program I can run that would help with that? Thanks, Julie Submit :


Subject : Opinion Mail : Ke####[email protected] Text : This machine is utterly brilliant. Easy to use. Astonishing scope. Well made and nicely packaged. Arrived quickly by courier Thank you very much. Kevin Submit :