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On June 2010, After many years of research, and through the use of excellent modern electronic technology, The Rife Digital Bioresonance was born.

Since that time there have been multiple upgrades in the technology, and we are proud to present the current series "Rife Digital Bioresonanz"

Engineered to the highest standards in Germany, the Rife Digital continues to produce the very same frequencies of its predecessors, the Royal Rife Machine and the ''Beam Ray''

Through the use of Modern Electronics, one can now access the Rife Frequency Manual, and program in specific frequency sets to assist with the reversal of many chronic diseases and ailments. The Rife Digital automatically reproduces these frequencies through the 4 straps provided (2 x hands, 2 x feet), so as to provide a harmonious frequency wave which kills and destroys pathogens in the body

Dr Royal Rife was fortunate to work with many Cancer patients using the Rife Frequency machines, and was able to cure 100% of terminally ill patients in a matter of months.

In June 2011 the Bioresonance Series was released in USA. These new Rife Machine Series were an essential addition to the Rife Digital formula.

With over 10,000 users in Europe and the world, the Bioresonanz series provided a higher power series to come into alignment with the popular brands selling for over $5000. Higher Amps, Higher Current, DAC, Harmonics and an easy edit menu system, just to name a few new features.

We pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality parts from Microchip Devices USA and refuse to use China Parts in the Rife Machine itself. Rife Digital Bioresonanz is made under license by Rife Digital Germany.

You can have the same positive experience as Dr Royal Rife, using this modern Bioresonance ''Rife'' technology to reverse disease conditions.

Dr Rife''s Modern Rife Machine

the rife machine

The Rife Professional Series use specific frequencies from the 3500 frequency list book to stimulate a altering of bioresonance in the cells, reversing the change caused by the disease. Transmitting these frequencies over the same electrodes (straps) over a period of time generates healing signals that have the curative effect. With this method of treatment, practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases and addictions without drugs.

Used successfully in Germany for more than 16 months, and with over 20000 users, The Rife Digital Professional V2 series is a German model which is now available to USA. The Rife Digital Professional V2 specializes in running all of the Bioresonance frequencies pertaining to Dr Rife's original machine. It is a higher powered device using 19v DC, 4500ma, averaging an output of about 17.5 volts and 1 million Hertz frequencies to the body. This model comes into alignment with the standard industry Rife Machines now available for many thousands of dollars more, Rife Digital Professional now incorporates Carrier Wave, and Radio Frequency Switchable options to name a few new features.

The Rife Digital Professional V2:  This model is much easier to use, with simplified easy program keyboard, pause and play function, essential for those bathroom breaks, special comfortable straps designed for use on hands and feet, direct connect silver button on the straps for 100% conductivity to the healing frequencies.

The Rife Machine Series

- The Rife Machine for treatment of all types of disease and related symptoms:
- Rife Digital Professional V2 is the most powerful Rife Machine in the series.
- The Rife Digital Series has output to 4 straps which can be worn on both feet and hands,
- Use the device for the treatment of 2 people simultaneously.
- We only use quality components manufactured by Microchip Devices USA
- China Parts are not used in the Rife Machine itself. All parts are sourced from Digikey USA
- Please email Dr Peter Williams on the contact page, regarding how Rife Professional Treatment can assist you.
- Rife Digital is the best Rife Machine available today.
- Please click INFO below for more detailed information.

Rife Machine

The Rife Digital Machine is an electronic device producing an adjustable frequency of 000.01Khz - 999.99Khz @ 5.0 volts DC which is the most successful bandwidth for eliminating bacteria and parasites through the wrist / foot strap terminals. The pulsing action of the positive terminal sends an electronic ''wave'' through the body, which eliminates all parasites, bacteria, amoeba and viruses that live within this 1,000,000hz band. This positive current detaches the negatively charged bacteria from their electro-magnetic adhesion in the body, so that the immune system can fight them. The frequencies can be programmed in according to the particular illness you are working with.

Dr Royal Rife was the original designer of the Rife Machine, which he called a ''RIFE FREQUENCY DEVICE''.

Country Adapters for Zapper Digital 2000ma DC Power Supply

By far the release of the German designed Rife Digital Series are the most comprehensive and powerful Rife Machine on the market.

The power adapter is 110v - 220v automatically switchable, so you can use it world wide. Conversion adapters available: All Countries Adapters shipped according to country of order unless by special request. Other country adapters are available.

Power Adapters are 12v DC on the Bioresonanz Models and 16vDC on Professional Series
Rife Digital LCD Display LCD DISPLAY IN KHz

Rife Digital has an LCD Panel which displays all possible frequencies available to the user to assist people with many health problems and their associated treatment frequencies.
The accompanying ETDFL frequency book is the reference guide for correct frequency settings for each treatment. Book shows frequencies in Khz
Rife Digital Navigation Panel Navigation Panel:

* Program Frequencies in the Navigation Panel
* ▲►▼◄ Keys Permit selection of frequencies
* Program frequency into Rife Digital
* Lock specific frequencies into memory
* Corresponds with Frequency book (included)
* Memory will not erase with power off
* Master Reset returns to Factory defaults
* Maximum 1,000,000hz
The Instruction Book:

The Instruction book is now integrated with the ETDFL frequency list, and comprises of 128 pages

The ETDFL Frequency List Book lists over 3500 Parasitic Infections, Diseases and treatments. It gives the user many accompanying programmable frequency settings in Kilohertz (kHz) to use with Rife Digital.

Set your Rife Navigation Menu to a Frequency specific to a treatment or illness. e.g. Cancer of Lung: 000.05Khz, and Run the Frequency in Manual mode; Or Program in the whole set, and the device will run each frequency for 10 minutes.

Rife Digital is most effective when it is used for extended periods of time: For example: 3 hours per day/night with the wrist-straps attached to the soles of the feet.

Rife Digital Instruction Books

You can use the Loop function to continue to run through all 10 frequencies with repeat.

Instruction Book in 4 Languages:

The Instruction book has been translated into 4 main languages. The Actual ETDFL frequency list is in English, as many disease conditions use similar or the same medical terms across the main languages.

QuickStart Manual in 4 Languages

Features: "Easy Edit"
- Easily Edit any frequency
- Use ▲▼ to change number
- Press Program to save
- Press RUN for 1 program
- Press SWEEP for many
- Press same button for pause
- Enter Zeros for Timer function
- "Loop" functions for overnight
treatments: Non Stop Therapy

Rife Digital User Manual
Selecting Frequency Sets are 000.01 to 999.99Khz.

All Frequencies are programmed in, and run at 10 minutes each interval

Treatments for extended periods are the best suggested method for Rife Digital. 2-6 hours depending upon seriousness of condition.

Select the appropriate disease frequencies from the book and program the selection into your Rife Digital. Press "SWEEP" on the machine to allow the healing treatment to commence.
Rife Machine Rife Digital POWER PORT for "Quad-Treatment"

Rife Digital Power Port for QUAD Treatments: Allows a session on both the hands and feet.

Rife Digital also allows for 2 people to have treatments simultaneously... Good for a busy Clinic.

QUAD treatments follow the Meridian Lines of the body''s "Energy Field" , This creates an energy focal point at the heart chakra intersection.

Meridian treatments: Positive cable is marked with a Red line.
Wear (+) Positive straps on hands and feet (left side) and Ground straps on hands and feet right side (-)

Note: As from July 2011 all Rife Digital Series will be shipped with a RCA cable for Connection of the 4 Straps. This permits a two foot extension to both the Hand and Foot straps.
Rife Machine Rife Digital Meridian Treatments allow a greater flow of energy through the Chakras

The 4 straps allow the movement of energy from the lower body, through to the upper meridians.
Rife machine wriststrap stainless steel button Stainless Steel Padded Hand-Straps:

Hand-Straps allow the use of the Rife Machine for longer periods of time, eliminating the need for "copper bars" which cause "cramp" with extended use. The entire strap is conductive
Using Wrist-Straps:

Allow Treatments on wrists for short periods, as skin on wrists will become sensitive to the frequencies..

If you use Wrist-straps in the hands, wrap around wrist, with the stainless steel plate face down in the palms.

Alternatively, use Straps on soles of the feet: (see below)

Foot-Straps / Foot Plate

For the best results with Rife Digital, wear the wrist-straps on the soles of the feet. This simulates a "FOOT-PLATE" and allows free movement of the feet. One may rest or sleep for a period using this method which creates a healing mechanism through the meridians of the feet, much like acupuncture.
Rife Machine
Sterile 100% Conductive, Hospital Grade Wrist/Foot Straps Supplied Rife Machine

Extended use of the Rife Machine with Straps attached to the feet (as pictured) has proven to be very effective for sufferers of serious illness or disease. Hospital Grade wrist/foot straps guarantee long life and swift surface sterilization if required.
Rife Machine Foot Strap.
Rife Digital LCD Lab Testing with Oscilloscope Rife Digital LAB TESTING:

Rife Digital is tested before shipping with a Digital Oscilloscope. Rife Digital produces a Square Wave (Pictured)

The “Square wave” permits the frequencies to penetrate the body more efficiently at any given Khz output. Square waves are considered the superior “frequency to wave” output for any Frequency generator device.

Rife Digital oscillator stage creates a pure a square wave from 000.01Khz to 999.99KHz.

* Oscillator is pictured for testing purposes and is not included with Rife Digital.
Rife Digital for Children:

Rife Digital is suitable for children and can be used with all the applicable frequencies in the ETDFL book. Children must be attended to and supervised at all times by an adult when using the device. Use Rife Digital only on the soles of the feet of kids as pictured:

Rife Digital Child Zapper
Rife Machine for Pets Rife Machine Treatment for Pets: Dogs and Cats

Rife Digital is suitable as a Pet ''Rife'', and is both a Dog ''Rife'', and a Cat ''Rife''.

Follow the General Parasites frequencies in the ETDFL book.

Attach Wriststraps only on the "Pads" of the Pets feet and tighten strap firmly. Sleep-time is a good opportunity for using Rife Digital on your Pet.
* Includes Rife Digital Carry Case

Rife Digital Carry Bag
Rife Digital Carry Bag
* Rife Digital requires 110v - 220v (worldwide voltage) to operate.
* Bioresonanz, Ultimate and Pro models come in "Apple Mac" Super White finish.
* Rife Digital is available worldwide. Rife Digital power adapter works in every country
* There are no batteries fitted to or required with Rife Digital
* Postage is international and is fixed rate to all countries for $35. USA rate is $19 with UPS
* Postage is always sent by International UPS courier delivery, as they have a secure tracking system.
* UPS fees are not refundable after dispatch.
* Payment is available through Credit Card, PAYPAL, Money Order only by prior arrangement
* Warranty is for exchange on product. Rifedigital.com will send replacement machine guaranteed.
* Restocking fee of 5% applies to refunds.
** USA power cord Supplied, Applicable adapter provided according to your country.
- (UK, US, Europe, All Asia Regions available)


Rife Machine Ultimate               

Rife Machine Harmonic Frequencies Rife Machine 24 Megahertz

- Larger 24MHZ Quartz Crystal Core

Rife Digital Ultimate TRIO

- "Ultimate Trio" has more than double the Amperage of the Rife Digital Bioresonanz
- TRIO Larger Screen
- Fully Programmable Rife Machine With Equivalent Power of Industry Standard Rife devices
- Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies
- TRIO Features: Super Sweep, Pulse Sweep and Program Modes
- Master Reset
- Power Rating: 16v-DC, (Ultimate model has 35% x more Power than Rife Digital Bioresonanz)
- Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Ultimate model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
- Rife Measured Voltage Output ~14v (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)
- 50% Duty Cycle (Standard)
- 100% Positive Offset
- DAC: Digital Accuracy
- RF Frequencies using CW Impedance
- LCD display gives accuracy up to 2 decimal points. (0999.99Khz)
- Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz - 0999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz)
- Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
- Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
- Uninterruptible Program Sequences
- Automatic function plus manual over-ride.
- Square Wave Output
- 2 Strap Connectors for the hands
- 2 Strap Connectors for the feet
- USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
- All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v - 230/240/250v)
- Idle Mode: Default Mode , Rife Digital waits for your instructions
- Program Mode: Press P to Program 10 Frequency Ranges
- Run Mode: Press Run to run any frequency full time
- Sweep Mode: Press Sweep to Run a Frequency Set at intervals of 10 minutes per program

Purchase Rife Digital Ultimate Trio model if .....

(1) You wish to use this Higher Power output for treatment of more serious disease.
(2) You require a Rife Machine that can deliver the higher power of industry standard devices
(3) You prefer Rife Digital to run all the frequency sets for you, automatically
(4) You need DAC Accuracy combined with RF Frequencies using CW Impedance
(5) Your need the Larger 24Mhz Quartz Crystal Core.


Click Here For More Information Click Here For More Information

Dr Rife Professional Machine V2
Professional Rife Machine Harmonics Professional Rife Machine Crystal

- Larger 30MHZ Quartz Crystal Core

Rife Digital Professional V2

- "Professional V2" has more than double the Amperage of the Rife Digital Bioresonanz
- 3 Languages Built into Menu :  English, Spanish, and Japanese
- Fully Programmable Rife Machine With Equivalent Power of CLINIC Standard Rife devices
- Easy to Use and Program Keyboard. Enter frequencies quickly and easily.
- Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies
- Power Rating: 19v-DC, (Ultimate model has 35% x more Power than Rife Digital Bioresonanz)
- Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Professional model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
- Voltage Variable
- Rife Measured Voltage Output ~12.5, 14.5 and 17.5v  (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)
- 50% Duty Cycle (Standard)
- 100% Positive Offset
- DAC: Digital Accuracy
- RF Frequencies - Dr Rifes Original Machine. Button Switchable
- CW Frequencies - Dr Rifes Carrier Wave. Button Switchable
- LCD display with more menu options
- Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz - 0999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz)
- Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
- Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
- Square Wave Output
- 2 Strap Connectors for the hands and feet.
- 2 Straps now connect directly to machine (No Y Junction required)
- USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
- All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v - 230/240/250v)
- Standard Sweep, Standard Run,
- PULSE Sweep and Run - New feature which builds power output for 1 second and Pulses Frequencies into the body
- Convergence Sweep - Runs 2 Frequencies simultaneously on the full Million program mode
- Super Sweep - Runs all million frequencies from 0 - 1 million Hz
- 20 Multiple Group Settings. Put Multiple programs in for different people or multiple disease treatments
- 5 Empty Frequency Banks, for storing your own frequency Sets/Groups
- Clinic Standard Device. Key in all your patients programs prior to their arrival for treatment

Purchase Rife Digital Professional V2 model if .....

(1) You wish to use the Higher Power output of the new PULSE feature
(2) You require multiple programs prerecorded for varying disease treatments
(3) You prefer the simplified Keyboard Input facility
(4) You Wish to Switch between Radio Frequencies and Carrier Waves (Rife Original vs Rife later models)
(5) You wish to experience every frequency from zero to 1 million via Super Sweep
(6) You require the DUAL frequency output of the Convergence Sweep Mode
(5) You Prefer to use the machine in another language (Spanish, Japanese, English)

Click Here For More Information Click Here For More Information

"Rife Digital Professional V2 Machine was born from Dr Royal Rife's discoveries: A machine that provided the exact frequencies produced by Dr Rife's original Clinic model"
Dr Rife Explains the Rife Machine
About Rife Digital:
Rifedigital.net supplies the Europe and UK market with the most recent Rife technology. Designed in Germany and distributed throughout all EU
The Rife Digital Professional Series are the most advanced Rife technologies available, allowing the user full control of the frequencies desired to heal.
The accompanying 3500 Disease Frequency book outlines thousands of frequencies available to program into your Rife Machine.
Rifedigital.net are the only company selling the Professional Series, based on Dr Rife's original Rife Machine

12 Months Warranty applies to all Rife Digital Machines. Our Service center is in UK and USA. Accessories such as straps and cables have a limited 30 Day Warranty. Wholesale and Re-seller Discounts apply to bulk purchases of Rife Digital. Please contact Customer Service at the CONTACT button above for a quote.
Rife Digital sell Rife Machine's world-wide and the average time for postage is 3-4 days.
Shipping within UK is faster, less than 2 working days
Payment By Credit Card on Paypal Express, or use the PayPal members payment facility. PayPal now accepts all Credit Cards if you require an express checkout.
Rife Digital are shipped by Royal Mail

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On Wed, Oct 12, 2015 at 2:05 PM, <> wrote: Subject : Opinion Mail : ##[email protected] Text : I have a Rife Digital Machine. Very useful. I have had great success with the Bacterial Infections and Mycoses setting for infections. And the Parasite, General and Comprehensive frequencies. Thank You Vikki Young ##[email protected] Submit :


Subject : Opinion Mail: Joh##[email protected]#.com Text: Thank you for the Rife Machine. Within 3 weeks my skin cancer has cleared. This is totally remarkable. I would like to purchase 3 more now for my other family members. One is for Diabetes and another 2 for Detox and clearing bladder infections. Thanks again, John Bakerson.


Subject : Opinion Mail : chi##[email protected] Text : Hi there!!! I have an autoimmune disorder and have been using the RIFE for almost a month now, It does seem to be helping me get rid of all these viruses that are inside of me, I am very happy with my results! The only question I do have, I don''t see anything for any kind of food allergies, is there any freq or other program I can run that would help with that? Thanks, Julie Submit :


Subject : Opinion Mail : Ke####[email protected] Text : This machine is utterly brilliant. Easy to use. Astonishing scope. Well made and nicely packaged. Arrived quickly by courier Thank you very much. Kevin Submit :